Raul Gonzalez

Facts About David Villa

When we talk about football then we will know that Raul Gonzalez is one of the most crucial players. He spent about 16 years of his career in Real Madrid that made him scored 323 goals in total and he became the second all-time top goalscorer. Because of his title as one of the greatest Spanish player of all time, he is considered as the most important players in the history of Real Madrid. But with all of the excellent achievements, he finally made a decision to retire from football life that has raised his name to the world.


He sits in the fifth highest goal scorer in the history of La Liga competitions with 228 goals. Anyway, there were so many people that felt upset as he left Real Madrid in 2010 for Schalke 04. But he reached the biggest achievement in his career with 100 games. All of the achievements that he has make so many people want to be a football player like him. How about you?

Fernando Torres

Fun Facts About Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres was born in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. He is a professional football player who takes a role as a striker for La Liga club, Atletico Madrid. In 2001 he made his first debut and finished his time at the club with 75 goals. What do you know about him? His nickname maybe? Well, he has a nickname “El Nino” which means The Kid. For your information, his grandfather was the one who inspired him to be the professional football player. Talking about career, his career is so good that we can consider him as one of the great strikers in the world. He made his international debut against Portugal in 2003 under Spanish team. There were at least 6 tournaments that he followed. He also scored in the finals of Euro 2012 as well as Euro 2008.


Leaving the facts about his career a bit, we can move to the personal life of this cool football player. As we know that usually, some football players tend to hold a special wedding party where there are so many big things that the media can spot. But Torres is so different! Yes, he only had a private ceremony when he married his childhood lover Olalla Dominguez. There were like only 2 guests at the tiny El Escorial town hall. It was so far from the phenomenon wedding party, if we take a look at Beckham’s or even Rooney’s you will see the big differences there.

So, most people would consider him as a normal football player, despite his excellent career as a professional football player, he keeps manage to down to earth. It is like he does not want to be exposed that much especially when it comes to the private life. There is one other fun fact that you need to know about him, yes he loves gadgets so much!